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In this blog, we provide details of products that are sold in boxes from 5 to 20kgs. The information we provide here, compliments product summaries and descriptions and is aimed at helping customers make informed buying decisions. Customers are welcome to ask questions.

Boxed and packed products. How products are packed. Whether products are fresh or frozen. 


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Introducing the Fish Box with a selection of quality fish products delivered in a single box.

Fish Box contains the following products:

Salmon Portions 2 x 150/170g

Sea bass fillets 2 x 100/140g

Sea Bream Scaled and Gutted 2 x 400g

Frozen Redfish pieces to fry (4-5 fillets) 900g

Frozen Hake fillets to fry (4-5 fillets) 900g

Sea Bass Scaled and gutted 2 x 400g

Mackerel whole, not Gutted 2 x 400g

Raw king Prawns (16/20) 700g

Prime Cut Sliced Smoked Salmon 200g
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Today we explore tilapia fish. We currently sell frozen tilapia fish in two sizes; large and extra extra large. The large size has fish ranging around 800-900g each and the XXL has fish ranging between 1000-1200g each. Customers prefer the XXL fish as it offers more flesh and less bones.

We therefore recommend that customers buy XXL Tilapia fish online which comes in a box with gross weight 6kg and net weight 4.8kg. There is 4 units in a box and this fits in one delivery box via courier for £7.00.

The large sized fish comes 6 in a box with gross weight 5kg and net 4kg.
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Today we talk about buying mackerel fish in boxes. This is the most cost effective way to buy fish if you really love to eat fish. There are so many recipes for this fish out there on the internet. If you want ideas have a look through our Pinterest link on our website. we have chosen some cooking boards that will thrill.

We sell large mackerel fish in a box with net weight 10kg of fish (about 20 units). We also do 20kg box for medium sized mackerel (about 40 units). These products are both sold frozen and ideally should be delivered in original boxes from the market straight to the customer.

Repackaging these products for the sake of delivering results in extra packaging costs.

So if you buy any of these products, expect an early delivery straight from the market, unless you are located extremely far then courier will be used for next day delivery. Another thing to consider is to buy as a group among friends and relatives. Buying bulky fish reduces delivery costs, especially if we deliver direct to you.
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