The Checking Out process has 4 steps.

To make a payment, UK customers must choose the correct language from the drop-down menu on LEFT side if using a mobile phone or top RIGHT corner if using a desktop device. The correct language is English GB not EN.

Step 1.

PERSONAL INFORMATION: This section allows you to complete your name as a guest. If you are subscribed to our shop, Logging-In will automatically bring up your personal information.

Step 2.

ADDRESSES: If you are a guest, you enter your address here. If you a subscriber and logged-in, your address will be shown here.

Step 3.

SHIPPING METHOD: Initially the system will place £10 as the cost of shipping by default. This section allows both the Guest and Subscriber to choose the appropriate shipping method according to purchases made. Please choose the appropriate cost according to weights purchased . The cheaper option might not be appropriate for your delicate goods.

Delivery weights, cost, methods, days and areas served.

Weight Cost Delivery Days Area
0-10kg £10 Next day Weds-Fri UK
11-20kg £15 Next day Weds-Fri UK
20+kg £20 Next day Weds-Fri UK

NB: Exception is London that can be served Tues-Sun.

Step 4.

Allows customers to pay either by PAYPAL or CARDS. Choose what is appropriate for you and make sure you agree to terms etc for the system to allow you to proceed.

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